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On Friday afternoon, the Mercedes team were completely lost. Their car had been a second a lap off the pace in practice and the drivers stayed at the track with the team until 11pm trying to work out what to do about it.

It was work well done. On Saturday, their car was on pole position for the first time this season – a year in which their average deficit to the pace over one lap has been more than 0.8 seconds.

Mercedes were ahead of the qualifying kings of 2022, Ferrari. And world championship leader Max Verstappen’s Red Bull was down in 10th place.

The man who did this was not the seven-time champion who has led Mercedes for the past eight years and set new records in the sport, but the man who the team signed to pick up the baton as Lewis Hamilton comes towards the end of his career.

George Russell became known as “Mr Saturday” in F1 for his outstanding performances in qualifying. This year, that sobriquet has become “Mr Consistency”, for his record of finishing in the top five in every race. But at the Hungaroring Mr Saturday was back with a vengeance.

Until this weekend, the best among many excellent qualifying performances from Russell had been at last year’s Belgian Grand Prix, when he stuck the second slowest car in the field on the front row in the wet, ahead of Hamilton.

Not any more. For Russell, this one topped it.

“Dare I say [it was] better than the Spa one?” he said, a little laugh seeming to suggest he almost couldn’t believe what he was saying.

“The feeling of this pole and the feeling of that Spa lap, I don’t think I will ever have qualifying laps that will come close to those two feelings because obviously this was my first.

“As a team we struggled so much at Williams. We were so far behind and to get that second was massive.

“This is what racing’s about. This is why I wake up every day and want to be world champion, feelings like this. It’s something you can’t really dream of.”

It might seem counter-intuitive that Russell would rank a lap around a dusty little circuit tucked in a natural amphitheatre about 12 miles outside Budapest in the dry, as better than one in the pouring rain around Spa, renowned as one of the greatest challenges for a racing driver on the planet.

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But Russell said the uniqueness of the Hungaroring gave the extra satisfaction for him to rank it as the best of his career so far.

“I think the nature of this circuit, when you get everything absolutely hooked up, nothing comes close,” he said, “because it’s so fast and flowing every corner leads on to the next. So, it’s difficult to compare, very different conditions, but for pure driving, probably the one today.”

He added: “I think we just absolutely nailed today 100% and got every last millisecond out of it.”

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