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A similar case was decided last July, when an appeals court with four Trump judges sitting on it affirmed an Alabama voter-ID law, even though everyone agreed that Black voters were twice as likely as white voters to lack a voter ID that the state considered acceptable. Just pause to reflect on that: A Jim Crow law is passed, everyone agrees that it will affect Black voters more than white voters, yet courts allow it to stand.

All this means that progressives have to fight an uphill battle. It’s not enough to simply vote. Progressives have to help other people vote, especially marginalized people. We have to give our time, money, and attention.

And that requires the second thing that has to happen: Not letting the bastards drag you down.

“You can despair for a moment, but not for a long time,” says Zwarensteyn. “Remember, how we got here was based on decades of work. Our opportunity to change course and to pursue equal justice for all is not a short-term project.”

That means building momentum, getting involved in grassroots organizations and campaigns, and remembering what’s at stake. Despair is easy; resilience is power.

It also means getting over the many disappointments of the past two years and remembering that progress can and has been made, especially when it comes to these lifetime federal judges. “This administration has prioritized judges with a demonstrated conviction to civil rights and who look like all our communities,” Zwarensteyn says. “They’ve appointed 60 lifetime judges, a remarkable rate.”

The Democrats are far from perfect, but there’s no comparison between them and Republicans, especially when it comes to judges and the courts. “Right now,” Zwarensteyn continues, “we have numerous incredible nominees pending.

to your senators so those judges get confirmed. People felt a sense of victory when Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed, and she is the embodiment of many nominees and judges we are seeing. We need to make sure they are on the bench ASAP.”

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Moore, a former sparring partner of Mayweather’s, competed in the ring from 1999 to 2016. He was trained by Floyd’s late uncle Roger Mayweather. The last time he fought was in 2016, beating DeShaun Williams via knockout.

The fight was supposed to take place on May 14, but it was postponed due to the death of UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. It was also supposed to be on top of the Burj Al Arab hotel helipad in Dubai, UAE.

Other competitors fighting on the card include former MMA champion Anderson Silva, Badou Jack, and Delfine Persoon.

The Sporting News will be providing live coverage and highlights from Mayweather vs. Moore. Stay tuned!

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