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: “I’m going to go for Serrano late stoppage, I think she hits hard. She’s very good to the body, she’s fit and I think she’ll wear Taylor down. She’ll see where Katie’s weaknesses are and she can exploit those. She’ll be looking for heavy shots and targeting Katie’s face. So Serrano, late stoppage.”

WBA light-middleweight champion Hannah Rankin: “I see Amanda Serrano winning this one and winning it late. She’s a more experienced pro-style fighter and she does take the power with her into every weight class she’s been in. And also she’s a southpaw. I feel these are interesting factors in this fight. Katie is fast and will start fast and probably be ahead by half-time, but I can see Amanda piling on the pressure and the heavier shots later in the fight and taking the win.”

fetired boxer Jane Couch: “Amanda’s more suited to the pros. When Katie first turned pro you could see the amateur in her. I can’t wait. I can’t really pick a winner. I don’t want to sit on the fence and I think you’ve got to pick Taylor.”

WBO light-middleweight champion Natasha Jonas: “There isn’t a type of person or fighting style which Katie hasn’t fought so you can’t ever bet against her.

“But I just think Serrano is all wrong for her. An aggressive, hard-hitting southpaw is a nightmare for anyone.”

think we must give huge props to Katie Taylor,” Rankin says. “She’s really brought women’s boxing to the forefront.

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“I think every single female boxer out there, we all love Katie Taylor, she’s just brilliant. She’s actually just showcasing an amazing level of ability and talent, and people started to really get behind her, and then also started to look at more female fighters. It’s kind of stirred people’s interest in the sport, which is brilliant.

“I am incredibly proud to be part of that movement, to be at the forefront of change is just super exciting and it means that everyone is looking at you waiting to see what you’re going to do next, so it’s an exciting place to be

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