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Probably the last rodeo for both of them. I wish them the best but my money is on Kell Brook for this one. He’s wanted the fight more over the years and looking at him in the gym he has trained harder.”

British welterweight Conor Benn: “Khan always bring the action. Everyone knows he’s vulnerable and everyone loves a bit of vulnerability – that’s why I’ve always watched Amir Khan. Are Kell Brook’s finishing skills still there? Is his accuracy and timing still there? I don’t know.”

Boxxer promoter Ben Shalom: “It’s intriguing. It could go either way. That’s what makes it exciting. I just can’t call it.”

Former WBA lightweight champion Anthony Crolla: “It’s such a tough fight to call with so many questions – I keep changing my mind daily. Who has got more left? How does the weight affect Kell? Can he use that unbelievable timing to make Amir walk on to a shot?

“If it goes past four rounds I’m just sliding towards Amir, but there’s a great chance Kell could land inside four. It’s so hard to judge and that’s what makes it hard to predict. Kell looked in unbelievable shape and has been in camp since last summer. As I’m talking now, I’m changing my mind and leaning towards Brook.”

BBC 5 Live Boxing pundit Steve Bunce: “It’s a great fight. I would have preferred it in 2014 but we’ve got it now. It will be a hard type fight. A bit of a drain and brawl for the both of them. I think Amir will just about nick it. But I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Khan v Brook II.”

Former WBO super-featherweight champion Barry Jones: “I think Khan drops Brook, with the speed. He catches him off balance. Then in the middle rounds, Brook drops Khan twice but still loses a points decision. You heard it here first.”

Liverpool’s Natasha Jonas, who fights for a world title on the undercard: “It’s simple really. If Brook lands, he can win but he’s got to land and if Khan is anywhere close to the Khan we all know and respect, I don’t think Brook lands. I think Khan wins.”

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Jonas’ trainer Joe Gallagher: “Khan-Brook is a great fight. I’m excited, everyone is excited. I know a lot of people are saying it’s a cash grab but it’s still a good fight. It’s very much like Mayweather and Pacquiao was – past its prime, but people still tuned in to watch. I’m going to go for Amir Khan. He’s fought the better level of fighters but as Kell Brook said, it only takes that one chocolate brownie, baby.”

Abdul Khan, Amir’s cousin and sparring partner: “I felt like he was rolling back the years – he was locked in to what he was doing and totally focused, with his mind fully on the job. He’s ready to go and knock Kell Brook out.”

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