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Both fighters and their teams will have studied the first bout in depth, analysing the required tactical tweaks as they formulated a game plan heading into the rematch.

But perhaps as much as anything, the return of a jam-packed crowd inside the Manchester Arena will make a massive difference.

For obvious reasons, the pair last squared off behind closed doors, which wouldn’t have suited either fighter, though you could argue it perhaps impacted Chisora more.

Chisora is a born performer. Just look at

People have underestimated what a difference having a crowd makes to these guys,’ he said at Thursday’s presser. ‘Derek loves the crowds singing his name and getting behind him.

‘Certain fighters it doesn’t affect, your cool calculated boxing skillsters who’ll think their way through everything. Fighters like Derek and Joseph, they get that vibe, and it adds an extra few per cent.’

Though not speaking throughout, Chisora did talk to reporters afterwards, stating: ‘It’s a bit nerve-wracking as well at the same time, because two years, I haven’t fought in front of anybody, and then suddenly I’ve got 12,000. It’s nerve-wracking.’

It’s not only Chisora who could benefit from the fans’ return, however. You might remember Parker taking on Joshua in front of 70,000 at the Principality Stadium in 2018, admittedly not his finest night.

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Parker, who was vocal throughout the press conference, insisted it will make an impact.

‘Not having a crowd made a big difference,’ he said. ‘I think Derek feeds off the crowd, I feed off of them too. A lot of fighters feed off the crowd and just having no noise and hearing specific voices it’s pretty weird.’

some of his antics down the years: he’s covered himself in ‘WAR’ paint while sporting a rather sinister Joker-smile ahead of his fight with Oleksandr Usyk, brawled with David Haye in his post-fight presser after defeat to Vitali Klitschko and thrown a table at Dillian Whyte in their 2016 pre-fight press conference.

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