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I think most Newcastle fans are in the same boat that I am. There is optimism that Ashley has finally left the club, but there are definitely concerns with the new ownership group. It is an awkward position to be in as a fan, because you certainly don’t want to stop being a fan of the club, yet you are judged if you remain to be a fan of a club. It would be so tough to expect Spurs fans to walk away from the club based on ownership, something they have no control over.

Newcastle fans feel as if right now people are expecting them to do something about the ownership group. We have no control over who owns the club. Believe me, we tried to force Ashley out as an owner multiple times with no success. We have to accept that these are the people that own the club.

A lot of bad comes with that, but also there is a lot of good for the local community that can come with increased investment in the city as a whole as well as investment in the team/academy/facilities. It truly is a tough position to be in right now.

think for the most part supporters are happy that there is new ownership, and definitely feel uneasy with the fact that a chunk of this ownership group is the Saudi Arabian PIF.

There is definitely a sect of the supporters that are completely fine with the ownership group and go as far to defend their decision to buy the club, put Saudi flags in their Twitter profile names, and dress up as Mohammed Bin-Salman at games.

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Those people suck, and fortunately are a small part of the fanbase. The majority of the fans base is trying to see if it is even possible to sway the minds of the Saudi PIF regarding human rights issues and their stances regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

The unfortunate reality is that we cannot control their actions. We can’t really force them out as owners (we tried that with Mike and it did not work haha). We really can’t do much except try our best to advocate for the folks affected by all the awful things this regime has carried out

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