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The match between Liam Smith and Anthony Fowler will take place on Saturday 9, 2021 and the main card expected to start at 2:00 am ET for those in New York City and east Coast and 7:00 pm BST for UK Fans. Smith and Fowler are expected to walk at the ring around 10:00 pm BST or 5:00 am ET.

How to watch Liam Smith vs Anthony Fowler

For the fans who missed the chance to watch Smith vs Fowler from the Echo Arena, Liverpool, Live streaming is the only way to get access the live fight. There is no TV channel going to carry on the fights as the official broadcasting partner DAZN decide to cover 200 countries in their broadcasting coverage for Smith vs Fowler match. Or You can watch through PremiumTV

If you already have DAZN subscription and you are not for Australia or New Zealand, You have greater chances to find the Smith vs Fowler live coverage online at DAZN without requiring any Cable or VPN. The Australia and New Zealand is the only exception where DAZN isn’t going to offer live streaming coverage for Liam Smith vs Anthony Fowler.

How to watch Smith vs Fowler Live in Australia and New Zealand?

Since Australia and New Zealand is the only exception in DAZN Liam Smith vs Anthony Fowler streaming coverage, You may fetch some trouble finding the main card fights online streaming. The FightMag promised to coverage Liam Smith vs Anthony Fowler free live stream of prelims through their website, But what about the main Card?

If you are planning to watch Liam Smith vs Anthony Fowler live stream online in New Zealand or Australia, You may need to find an alternative of DAZN as most VPN doesn’t work great with DAZN. BTW, You can watch Smith vs Fowler live stream including all under card games live on PremiumTV. PremiumTV is one of the live sports streaming service that works from around the world without requiring cable or VPN

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This is a great fight to make, full of genuine intrigue, uncertainty and plenty of urgency from both fighters, who’ll know they can’t really afford to lose such a crucial fight on such a big stage. It will likely come down to one or more of several intangible factors, which makes it a tough one to call.

For me, however, Fowler will be that little bit hungrier and perhaps that little bit more spiteful. This is his chance to get back on course for world title opportunities, and I just have a gut feeling Fowler will want it just a little bit more.

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