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Both teams have new rookie quarterbacks and a lot of new players on both sides of the ball. Though Bill Belichick and most of the Patriots staff from last season remain, the Jets brought in a whole new group led by Robert Saleh during the offseason.

It’s hard to predict the trajectory of either team after just one week of play. Mac Jones and Zach Wilson looked solid in their NFL debuts, but there is no telling how each quarterback’s rookie season ultimately plays out.

New York and New England are also both still working out the kinks at certain positions with the regular season still in its early stages

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The home team could do nothing to avoid defeat in Week 1 against the Carolina Panthers 14-19 on the road, it was Zach Wilson’s first game as a starter. The Jets have failed in recent seasons and they are listed as the worst team in the AFC East.

The Patriots are analyzing the mistakes made in the loss to the Dolphins at home in Week 1 of the 2021 NFL season. They need to focus and use Mac Jones to win easy games like this against the New York Jets.

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