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Gus Logue: I’ll see it when I believe it. Jacksonville had 25 total quarterback pressures in week 1 (second-most in the league) but brought Tyrod Taylor down just once.

Bridgewater has a similar playing style as Taylor as a smart, veteran game manager with great feel in the pocket. Non-Josh Allen defenders will need to step up or else Bridgewater could turn Jacksonville’s defense into burnt toast for the second week in a row.

Kassidy Hill: I won’t believe the Jaguars can slow down a quarterback until I see them do it, so for now, I’m going to believe Bridgewater will have a Tyrod Taylor like game. Maybe even more so, since Bridgewater is a more mobile quarterback. He has great awareness, as he showed versus the New York Giants, recognizing blitzes and pressure.

Combined with his elusiveness, he can nullify a lot of pressure. Combined with the fact that the Jaguars front seven showed little push versus the Texans, and Bridgewater will likely have a clean pocket and the edges to run too, where he can be dangerous.

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John Shipley: Just with what we know about Trevor Lawrence’s style, I’m going to lean toward him having some issues with Vic Fangio’s scheme and Denver’s talented defense. Lawrence isn’t the type of quarterback to stand down and take the small plays, with most of his NFL experience thus far being defined by his eagerness to make big plays.

This same eagerness led to his three interceptions in Week 1, and the Broncos have the scheme and talent to force Lawrence into similar mistakes. Lawrence has the natural talent to create some big plays, but I also think the Broncos can make his natural aggressiveness result in negative plays

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