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With Chile facing three more matches next month, Mowbray says the plan will be for Brereton play in the first two, against Peru (October 7) and Paraguay (October 10) before returning to Rovers to limit the number of games he will miss.

“We’ve spent a lot of time talking to the Chilean FA,” Mowbray said.

“We’ve tried to do a deal with them, they withdrew to FIFA and we’ve said that Ben can go away in the next window.

“Let’s wait and see what the world is like then, whether red zone countries are still there.

“I think we’ve agreed that he can play the first two games because the reality is that if he plays the third game he potentially misses three matches with the 10-day quarantine.

“So if he goes away and only plays two games then comes back, he should only miss a game or two. Let’s see how that works.”

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Should south American countries remain on the Government’s red list, a 10-day quarantine period would rule Brereton out of the home game against Coventry City on October 16 and the trip to QPR three days later.

Mowbray added: “Our hope is the world is in a better place in a month’s time and the Government look at the situation with the professional game and see whether there’s going to be an allowance for, let’s be honest, Premier League footballers, and we’re piggy-backing on the back of that.”

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