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So we tried on a medium, it didn’t work out. I’m a bit disappointed because obviously it’s a bit of a surprise to see the Williams in front of us today. The ideal thing would have been to go through with the medium tyres, but it didn’t work out for us.

“Not the perfect lap. But if you see Carlos’ and my lap times are very, very close together. I think, of course, I could have done a bit better here and there. He probably could have done a bit better here and there. But more or less we were on the limit of the car. And that was what was possible today.”

Sainz acknowledged that the team risked not making it through to Q3 by opting for the slower tyre.

“Yeah we knew, but we preferred to be P11 on the medium than P5 on the soft, and this was priority number one,” he told

I’m happy, it’s a very good result for the team here at our home track in Austria. Max and I are in a good starting position and hopefully we can get a good start off the line tomorrow, that will be critical.

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Overall, it’s been a really hard weekend up until now, we’ve been chasing a lot of balance, exploring the car in all areas and just chipping away at it in every single run.

“I’m starting on the mediums but it’s going to be a race where one or two pit stops is unknown, no one has had enough of a long run yet so it’s hard to tell.

In the end we got a good lap today and it didn’t come easy, anything can happen tomorrow and I believe we have a better race car than quali so I hope that we can bring home some solid points for the team. Congratulations to Lando too, he did a very strong lap today.”

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