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For now, and for all of us, switching off and forgetting about football for a bit – going cold turkey if you like – will give us the energy to go again by mid-August.

This is the time to get some brownie points in the bag at home and restore some credits for when you need them in October, when a Carabao Cup game at Reading has to take preference on the TV and you are scrolling through Marcelo’s press conference quotes rather than engaging in any sort of conversation with your better half.

Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail, as Sgt Wilko famously said, so use these precious weeks wisely because the football juggernaut will be back upon us before we know it.

Alas, the rest of the Leeds United squad have no such luxury. They have already had their break and are right in the middle of another Marcelo Bielsa pre-season; with muscles burning, hearts pumping and heads spinning.

Whilst Leeds fans prepare for kit launches and feverishly search for vaguely believable developments on new signings, the players are working hard with no distractions.

As fans, our period of abrupt abstention from football and a temporary cessation of our dependence on its rituals and heart-stopping drama, is just beginning.

But for the players it is long since over and they are busy integrating new signings, upgrades from the U23s and doubtless a range of unfathomable tactical drills, the benefits of which are probably designed to come to light in about seven months’ time.

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The Leeds United squad are already on the punishing ascent to peak fitness in time for the Old Trafford fixture on August 14th, and are already mentally engaged in the challenge of finding something more in themselves to improve Leeds United once again. For them, the fun stopped some time ago and there is no time to dwell on Euros exploits and the rollercoaster of the last 12 months.

Somehow they have already moved on from ‘last’ season to ‘this’ season, mentally shifted their status from Premier League ‘new boys’ and attuned themselves to new targets, new opponents and doubtless new pundits eager to write them off again.

Because when the fun stops, very quickly the serious business has to start again. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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