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No matter what RIno Gattuso’s status currently is in Naples — and it doesn’t seem all that good when he’s currently being linked with other jobs while he is still employed — Napoli has, at least in part, turned things around and found some sort of consistency.

And don’t forget that in a meeting of these two teams all of a month ago, it wasn’t pretty.

The pressure is on Andrea Pirlo to try and get this ship righted as fast as possible, with some corners of the Italian media — and, I’ll say this, they’re exactly the most reliable ones — suggesting that anything other than a win against Napoli will be the final nail in the coffin of his Juventus managerial career.

For all we know, this could be the end of the road for Pirlo as Juve’s Champions League future is anything but a certainty — especially with the way they have been playing the last couple of months.

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No mater how long his leash actually is, though, every single win that Pirlo gets over the next two months will be valuable as all hell to try and ensure Juve’s playing Champions League ball again next season.

And especially when it’s a potential win over the closest rival for fourth place as the top of the Serie A table behind Inter continues to be an unpredictable five- or six-team grouping. Those head-to-head battles, especially when points are at a premium to try and achieve your suddenly-new No. 1 target, they’re important.

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