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But he walked that back those comments at round two, saying, “Maybe after the race I explained myself a bit too roughly because the adrenaline was multiplied by two after such a bad result and bad feeling. They have other factory riders to care about. That’s for sure. I was wondering about the timing of their help and finally the time of their help was great. Everything is fine.”

Still, the Italian’s race one issues remain a mystery. “Apparently (the device) was solved,” before the race started. “Then in the race the device was working ok. But still my feeling was bad and my performance even worse.” His form wasn’t helped by two mechanical issues forcing him off-track in FP1 at the Doha GP.

MotoGP set for Amazing Prime footage

On the back of the success of Netflix’s ‘Drive To Survive’ behind the scenes series on Formula 1, MotoGP organizers Dorna has confirmed Amazon Prime is working on a similar show for the two-wheel series, to be aired next year.

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Riders were generally in approval. “Nowadays we depend so much on image to show the world what we are doing and I think F1 has created a very good buzz around the sport because of what is happened backstage rather than the racing itself,” said Miguel Oliveira. “As riders I think we could have a lot to gain on such a format coming out.”

Franco Morbidelli was similarly enthusiastic. “I love it because, because I loved the Formula 1 doc. I’m a great fan of F1 and to see the backstage or the different things we see usually about F1 freaked me out. I’m really looking forward to something like this for MotoGP: I won’t feel the same when I have cameras around me in difficult times.

But it’s going to be good for the show. When I’m going to watch it back its going to be good to have a laugh. It’s a great thing for us, it’s a great thing for MotoGP and it’s a great thing for the viewer. We are in the documentary era. Why shouldn’t MotoGP make it?”

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