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The Blue Jays became a major league baseball team in 1977, the result of MLB awarding the city of Toronto an expansion team, with the organization’s moniker being developed through a ‘name the team’ contest. Throughout their history, the Blue Jays have made the playoffs on eight different occasions, winning the World Series in 1992 and 1993.

With the excitement of this past off-season regarding the signing of various free agents and the organization coming out of a rebuild, this article examines different facts regarding the franchise’s history when it comes to Opening Day and whether this history may be on their side when they face the Yankees on April 1st.

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So this kind of lines that up the best while also putting a little bit of drag on Jamo to make sure we’re building him up properly and safely,” Boone said “Hopefully we’re putting him in a spot to where we get to a point in the season where we’re just rolling through with our guys and a lot of conversation about it over the last several weeks, but this is how we’ll roll it out to start.”

Taillon, who had the first elbow surgery in 2018, said he is comfortable with the plan to skip him the first time through the lineup as a “creative” way to ease into the season cold and playing in a stadium in front of fans again.

“So, overall, on my end, I feel great about where I’m at. But that being said, it is a big jump and go into a stadium against another team with fans,” Taillon said. “I think we’re just trying to be aware of the fact that those are all things that were thrown at me that haven’t been, I haven’t faced in a while.”

The 29-year old threw 81 pitches in his last simulated game and will throw another simulated game on Friday, the scheduled off day.

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