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The Bucks, following their extended winning streak, found themselves losing to a hot-shooting Celtics team last Friday night, then surrendered a 55% 3-point shooting night to the Clips on Monday. There was a Knicks loss sandwiched in between. Sure, 3-point shooting is incredibly variable (BTW – the Clips shot just 32.4%, 12-37 vs. Orlando on Tuesday), but Monday’s game felt frustrating in so many more tangible ways.

Giannis missed bunnies, the Clips abused the drop coverage with a barrage of midrangers/floaters and Milwaukee’s zone, while cool to see, was carved to shreds. I was surprised Bud stuck with it through several straight 3-pointers, but the key point is that at least he tried something different rather than keep letting Reggie Jackson getting to his spots at ease.

They are looking for a chance to recapture the rhythm they had prior to Giannis’s injury, and hopefully this Lakers squad is perfect for that.

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Los Angeles is in a rut, understandably, without LeBron James and Anthony Davis. After losing LeBron on March 20th, and losing to the Hawks that day, they dropped three straight. Their skeleton crew did manage to capture recent games against the Cleveland Cavaliers and beat the Magic 96-93 on Sunday.

They’ve had two days off to rest since then, and apparently reinforcements are on the way in the form of Andre Drummond. He’s also starting, per Frank Vogel:

He practised with the team for the first time on Tuesday. Coach Frank Vogel was impressed with his effort and made the announcement that the 27-year-old would start ahead of Gasol.

“He had a million steals in one practice,” Vogel said of Drummond. “He has exceptional hands in pick-and-roll defense, post defense, pressuring bigs that are trying to facilitate from the top of the key.”

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