COVID-19 LIVE UPDATES | 95 Covid-19 related deaths recorded in SA the past 24 hours

Families in Asia’s financial hub of Hong Kong are suffering isolation and trauma after strict coronavirus rules have led to babies being separated from parents and those with newborns herded into tiny quarantine quarters for up to 14 days.

Hong Kong authorities have ordered that anyone testing positive for the virus must go to hospital, including babies, while all their close contacts, even those who test negative, are sent to makeshift quarantine camps.

“It’s crazy,” said one mother, who said she had to abruptly stop breastfeeding following separation from her seven-month-old son last week after she was diagnosed with Covid-19.

Venezuela will not authorize AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine, Vice President Delcy Rodriguez said on Monday, citing its “effects on patients.”


March 16 2021- 06:15

Japan PM Suga receives Covid-19 vaccination ahead of Biden meeting in US

Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga received his first dose of Covid-19 vaccine on Tuesday in preparation for a meeting with US President Joe Biden next month.

Suga is the first Japanese government official to publicly receive the vaccine. Some 80-90 officials will be inoculated before heading to the United States early next month, where Suga will become the first world leader to meet Biden as president.

“It didn’t hurt, although it seemed so,” Suga told reporters after he was inoculated.

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